Luvi Silverberg
November 11, 2022

How to Trick Ecoatm


Have you ever noticed that your phone or tablet gets scratched up much faster than other devices? You may be thinking, “Well, it’s not like I use my phone for anything but calls and texts.” But this is precisely why your device needs to be protected from scratches and dings: because it doesn’t get a chance to breathe! Smartphones are always with us—in our pockets, purses, bags—and they receive constant use. That means they receive constant wear on their beautiful exteriors too. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect your precious electronic investments without ruining their look (or functionality) with bulky cases or awkward screensavers. Here are some tips for keeping your smartphone looking as good as new:

Get your items as clean as possible

  • Use a microfiber cloth. These are great for cleaning because they don’t leave behind any residue or scratches, and they can be washed hundreds of times without losing their effectiveness.

  • Use a damp cloth. Damp is better than dry for getting the dirt out of all those little cracks, but if you use too much water it will leave your ecoatm soggy and more likely to get damaged in transit.

  • Dry with a clean dry rag (or paper towel) as soon as possible after washing.

Choose your ecoatm location wisely

The ecoatm is the hardest part of this process, and it's also the most important. It's also your best chance of failing at this whole process (so make sure you have time).

The ecoatm itself can cost thousands of dollars, not including the cost of materials or labor. So choose a location that has easy access to power and water. In my case, I had to buy a truck size generator to run our vacuum pump while we did our work in my garage (because we didn't want our neighbors complaining about all the noise).

Make sure you’re using the right adhesive

To make sure you’re using the right adhesive, check the back of your eCoat garment. If it says “adhesives for eCoat polyester”, this means you can use any kind of glue or tape. If it says “adhesives for eCoat cotton” or something similar, then you should stick with something like double-sided tape or an adhesive spray (which is less messy).

Make your device look as good (or better) than the day you bought it.

The great thing about using the right adhesive is that it can make your device look as good (or better) than when you bought it. The key here is to clean the device well before applying the adhesive, as dirt and dust makes adhesion difficult and reduces its lifespan. You should also make sure there's no moisture in the air around your phone; sometimes a little bit of alcohol on a cloth will help dry out any water droplets or other liquids that might be clinging to your phone after cleaning.


If you follow these tips and tricks, you should be able to restore your device to its former glory. You might even find that it looks better than when you first bought it!