Luvi Silverberg
November 19, 2022

How to Beat Jax


The League of Legends character Jax is one of the hardest champions to beat in the game. He has high damage, good survivability and crowd control skills. If you're playing against a Jax, you need to know how to handle him or you'll lose every time. We've compiled some tips for beating him below:

1. What you need to know before you go.

Jax is a melee assassin, so he won’t be happy to see you. He has a high attack speed, so it’s important to get away from him as quickly as possible.

He also has a lot of health and can leap at you with an explosive punch that stuns his target for 1 second—use your best escapes while he's still in mid-air. His basic attacks deal bonus damage on every fourth hit, which means he's more dangerous in prolonged fights than a champion who deals constant damage like Kha'Zix or Rengar would be.

2. Jax can kill you if you aren't careful.

The second thing you need to know about Jax is that he can kill you in one hit. This means that if you're not careful, Jax will land a strike on you and kill you before you even have time to react. As such, it's important for the enemy team to keep track of where this character is at all times; if they see him coming towards them, they should immediately retreat or use their abilities to disable him as quickly as possible.

Jax has two main abilities that everyone needs to be aware of: his leap strike (E) and his stun (R). The leap strike enables Jax to jump into battle with any enemies who might be too far away from him; however, since this ability has a cooldown timer associated with it, your best bet is simply staying away from this guy whenever possible—and especially when he puts himself within striking distance of your teammates! The stun ability lets Jax immobilize an opponent by hitting them in melee range once per second for 3 seconds total; however, because both these counters are up for grabs by other characters during a fight (like Katarina or Ezreal), try using them sparingly so that your team benefits from having access longer periods where no one else can take advantage!

3. Jax has an advantage in close range combat, so stay away from him.

The big thing to remember about Jax is that he's strongest in close combat. You can't afford to let him get close to you—he'll beat you up, and then use his ultimate ability (Rampage) for a huge burst of damage. If you keep your distance, however, he won't be able to do much damage at all.

One way to keep him at bay is by using abilities like Morgana's Black Shield or Twisted Fate's Stacked Deck or Jinx's Zap! These abilities will block Jax's basic attacks while they're active, which means he won't be able to hurt you as much when he tries leaping towards you with Leap Strike. If possible, try activating one of these defensive abilities just before getting hit by Leap Strike so that it will block the attack entirely and leave Jax vulnerable for an easy counterattack!

4. Don't attack first against a ranged champion, or throw at them with the leap strike.

The first rule of dealing with Jax is to not attack first against a ranged champion. This means that you should never use your basic attacks on him before he attacks, unless they are going to do more damage than his. If you do, he will just leap strike into the air and land behind you, then start attacking again while you're stunned by the impact of the leap strike landing and still trying to turn around.

Instead, wait until he has used his Leap Strike ability (E), then attack him before it's off cooldown again and repeat this process until either he runs out of mana or escapes somehow (more on escaping later). Your goal at this point is just to survive long enough for your abilities' cooldowns so that when Jax uses his next Leap Strike ability or starts running away from combat after being damaged too much, don't let up: use all available abilities as soon as they come off cooldown again so that Jax doesn't get away!

5. If he does charge at you, use abilities to stop him and damage him before he can land his combo on you, if possible.

If Jax does charge at you, the best thing to do is use your abilities to stop him and damage him before he can land his combo on you, if possible. If that's not possible (say a minion blocks your ability), try to dodge his charge or kite him. If it doesn't work, consider using a barrier or shield as an alternative way of mitigating damage from Jax and surviving his burst.

The article provides tips for killing the League of Legends character, Jax

The article provides tips for killing the League of Legends character, Jax.

  • Focus on farming minions and aim to get at least one kill in lane. The more gold you have, the better your items will be.

  • Build items that increase your attack speed and ability power as well as some defensive items so he can't one-shot you with his ulti-strike.

  • Make sure you have enough health points so that Jax doesn't steal them all when he uses his ultimate ability (his ultimate).


If you remember these tips, you should be able to beat Jax without too much trouble. Keep in mind that it's always a good idea to buy some health potions before heading into battle with him (or any other champion), just in case he gets lucky with an early kill.