Luvi Silverberg
November 15, 2022

How Many Lightning Spells to Destroy Inferno Tower


The Inferno Tower is the most dangerous tower in the game, so you may want to take it down fast. In this guide, we'll show you how many lightning spells are needed to take down each level of Inferno Tower. If you're playing against an opponent with an Inferno Tower, make sure you have enough elixir for your counterspells!

Level 1 Inferno Tower.

  • 1 lightning spell

  • 1 zap

  • 1 arrows

  • 1 cannon

  • 1 mortar

  • 1 bomb

Level 2 Inferno Tower.

Level 2 Inferno Tower: 9.5 million HP, 564 DPS

(3 Lightning Spells) (3 Zap Spells) (3 Ice Golem) (3 Lava Hound) (3 Wizard)

Level 3 Inferno Tower.

You'll be able to use Lightning Spell at Level 3. Your Lightning Spell can destroy an Inferno Tower in one shot, but you have to wait for it to charge up. You should always make sure that the enemy's troops are distracted by something else before using your Lightning Spell on an Inferno Tower. If they're distracted then they won't be able to focus on your troops, which means that you'll have less of a chance of getting hit by the Inferno Tower's attacks while trying to destroy it with your own attack spells and defenses.

Level 4 Inferno Tower.

For this level of Inferno Tower, you should use at least 2 lightning spells to destroy it. If you have enough elixir, it's recommended that you use 3 or 4 lightning spells to destroy the Inferno Tower.


In this article, we discussed the Inferno Tower and how it works. The Inferno Tower is a defensive building that shoots fireballs at the closest enemy. Each level of the tower has more health, damage and range. There are 5 levels of Inferno Tower:

  • Level 1: 500 health and does 5 damage every 0.9 seconds (with 7 range)

  • Level 2: 600 health and does 15 damage every 0.9 seconds (with 10 range)

  • Level 3: 800 health and does 25 damage every 0.9 seconds (with 13 range)

  • Level 4: 1000 health and does 30 damage every 0.8 seconds (with 15 range)

  • Level 5: 1200 health with 40+ splash area radius on impact, doing 50+ damage per second to all enemies near it


The number of lightning spells depends on the level of Inferno Tower. You can destroy a level 1 Inferno Tower with one lightning spell but it will take two in order to knock out a level 4.