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November 17, 2022

How Far is Richmond VA to Charlotte NC


The distance between Richmond Virginia and Charlotte North Carolina is about 240 miles. It takes about 3 hours and 35 minutes to drive to Charlotte from Richmond if you're going at a constant speed of 60-70 mph. This is based on Google Map's estimation of driving time, as well as the actual road conditions in both cities.

How Far is Richmond VA to Charlotte NC

If you're wondering how far Richmond is to Charlotte, the answer is about 130 miles. Depending on traffic conditions and the route you choose, it can take between 2 hours and 20 minutes to get there by car. If you're flying, it's approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes in a plane headed towards Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). You may also wish to consider driving or taking a bus/train combination.

How Far Is Richmond VA To Charlotte NC?

The distance from Richmond VA to Charlotte NC depends on which direction we are traveling: east or west; north or south; southeast or southwest; etc... This means that two different people could get very different answers when asked "how far away is [city] from [city]?".

Richmond Virginia To Charlotte North Carolina Driving Directions

Richmond Virginia To Charlotte North Carolina Driving Directions

Richmond, VA to Charlotte, NC via I-64 West

From Richmond, take US-360 West toward Charlottesville. Merge onto I-64 W/US-52 W/US-250 W and enter North Carolina. Take exit number 343 for Connelly Springs Rd/Old Fort Rd toward Lewisville Bypass/Asheboro. Keep left at the fork and merge onto Old Fort Road (NC Highway 150). Continue to follow Old Fort Road as it turns into Nc Hwy 150 Business (Downtown Lewisville). You will merge onto US 74 Business E Bypass toward Winston Salem/Ashboro. Take Exit 5A on the left for Rural Hall Road - this is also known as NC Hwy 801 S in Rural Hall and turn right at Ashbrook Mall Dr (If you are traveling Eastbound stay in left lane). Turn right onto East Street then turn slight left onto Wilkinson Blvd then turn right onto 3rd Ave SE which leads back into downtown Lexington where you will pick up US 29 North again from this point on there will be no more exits just continue straight on until you reach back upstate South Carolina where there is another small town of Liberty Hill which has a few restaurants if needed as well as gas station located along its main street that goes through town before merging with interstate 40 heading east towards Atlanta Georgia or west towards Nashville Tennessee both have airports within 30 miles so depending upon traffic etc one could stop off here for some food or fuel before continuing onward your journey!

Richmond Virginia To Charlotte North Carolina Driving Time

The driving time from Richmond, Virginia to Charlotte North Carolina is approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes.

The driving distance between Richmond and Charlotte is 152 miles.

The route begins in the state of Virginia at the intersection of US-1 (Richmond Road) and W Broad Street. It heads south on US-1, passes through the cities of Petersburg, Chesterfield County, and Dinwiddie County before reaching I-95 South. The highway travels southeast along I-85 South until it reaches an interchange with I-77 South followed by another interchange with NC 147/NC 49 at Exit 44A. This interchange signifies the beginning of North Carolina’s state line where drivers should follow signs for “North Carolina State Line” after exiting onto NC 147/NC 49 toward Asheboro / Greensboro / Winston Salem / Raleigh – Durham Airport / High Point / Durham – Chapel Hill / Southern Pines Area / Fayetteville Area (via downtown Concord).

Richmond Virginia To Charlotte North Carolina Distance By Car With Airline Distance

You can also use this page to get a rough estimate of the driving distance from Richmond, Virginia to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The cities are about 2 hours and 20 minutes apart by car. The driving distance between Richmond and Charlotte is about 436 miles.

Richmond Virginia To Charlotte North Carolina Flight Time

Richmond, Virginia To Charlotte, North Carolina Flight Time:

Richmond is 1 hour and 10 minutes behind Charlotte.


The distance from Richmond, Virginia to Charlotte, North Carolina is about a 3-hour drive. You can drive this distance in a car or take the train. The train will take you through North Carolina and South Carolina, which is an interesting route!

In addition to driving directions, this article also includes information on how far it is between two cities.


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