Luvi Silverberg
October 22, 2022

How to Use Picsart App by Technical Raza

How to make different type of effects on picsart app

You can make different type of effects on picsart app and it's really easy to use.

  • Start your picsart app and tap on the camera icon to take a picture from camera or choose an existing picture from photo gallery.

  • Now add some filters and stickers to decorate your photo, text or frames for making it more attractive. You can also add text with different styles, colors and fonts according to your choice, but don't forget that this feature is available in premium version only i-e pro version which costs just $1/monthly or $10/yearly in USD currency but if you want to use this feature then you must have premium account otherwise it will be locked forever! I would recommend adding text because there are so many options available for choosing fonts style size color etc..

  • After applying all these changes now click done button at bottom center side of screen which will save all changes that we made into our pic & after saving process click on next button which will open up another window where we need image format selection i-e JPEG PNG BMP etc.. so select any one from given list & now click save button at bottom right side corner of screen which will start downloading file immediately (you'll see download progress bar below downloading status) after completion of process tap on downloaded file without opening then go back into gallery section where we had taken earlier picture & long press them with finger until pop up appears showing options like share edit delete move etc.. now tap share option & choose option “upload” then select social media platform where you want upload this image like facebook instagram twitter snapchat tumblr vine youtube etc..

How to give your pictures a professional look

  • Use the right tools.

There are many tools offered by the app. However, it is important to know which tool will give your image a professional look. For instance, you can use the brush tool if you want to paint something on your photo or add more colors and shades to it. Other than that, there are other great tools such as eraser and pencil that you can use in order to make your image look perfect.

  • Apply filters properly!

Filters play an important role when creating stunning images with PicsArt app because they help users achieve their desired goals quickly without spending too much time editing each picture individually every single day or week depending on how often people want/need new photos online for various reasons such as social media posts or their blogs/websites etcetera--so keep this tip in mind when using picsart!

how to make different images using picsart

Here are some of the popular ways to make different images using PicsArt app.

  • Add a text on your image. To add a text to your image, use the Text tool in the toolbox and then select an appropriate font style and color for it. You can also change its size and position as per your choice by dragging it with your finger.

  • Add stickers/emojis on your photo/image. There are various sticker packs available for you to download from Google Play Store or App store which can be used anytime in any picture or photograph you want! The stickers are available in different shapes, sizes, colors along with funny quotes that could enhance any picture into something more interesting than what it was before adding them.

  • Use filter effects on photos/images like vintage filters, black & white effect etc., these effects will help users improve their creativity skills while editing photos through PicsArt app

how to change the background of your pics using picsart app

When you open the PicsArt app, you will see a lot of photos in the bottom part. You can click on any photo and edit it. To begin editing your picture, click on "Edit" button from the top-right corner of the screen.

You will see different tools like pencils, airbrush, eraser etc., select them by clicking on them. For example if you want to add some text in your image then select "Text Tool" tool from left side bar menu then write or type what ever you want on your image and save it by clicking on 'done' button at top right corner of screen.


You can easily download the app and start using it. There is no need to download any other app because there are many apps which are used for editing images and videos but PicsArt is one of the best apps available in the market. You can edit your photos with this amazing app by following these steps:

  • Open the PicsArt App on your phone (you may need to update your phone’s operating system first).

  • Choose a photo or video you want to edit using filters, stickers, text and more tools that will fit your needs.

  • Apply any filter you want and then save it as an image or video once you are satisfied with its new look!


So that’s the article on how to use picsart app. I hope you liked it and if you have any questions or comments then please drop them in the comment section below.