Luvi Silverberg
October 25, 2022

How to Hide Razor Under Tongue


Congratulations, you have successfully hidden the razor under your tongue!

1. put razor under tongue

  • Put razor under tongue

  • Do not swallow

  • If your face starts to bleed, you did it correctly

2. do not swallow

  • Do not swallow.

  • If you swallow the blade, it can cause serious internal damage.

3. if your face starts to bleed, you did it correctly

The most common reason your face doesn't bleed is because you didn't do it correctly. If you're bleeding, then congratulations—you've successfully hidden your razor under your tongue! You can stop here and go show off to everyone else how awesome you are at hiding razors under your tongue.

If you didn't get any blood on the blade or have any cuts on the bottom of your mouth, try again by making sure that when you close the blade back up, there's still some part of it exposed to air (don't think too hard about this). If no blood comes out after another try or two, then maybe this method just isn't for you. If so, I recommend trying another method: just sticking a sharp object in between two pieces of gum and chomping down until they stick together with blood all over them.


Don't swallow. The razor blade will go down your esophagus and can puncture your stomach or intestines, causing serious injuries that require surgery to repair.

If you do swallow the razor blade, do not panic immediately. The most important thing is to remain calm so you can make a decision about what to do next—you have time to make this decision since there are no immediate symptoms of injury from swallowing a small piece of metal like a razor blade (it takes about 24 hours for internal bleeding or infection). You also need time because hospitals might not be open at night when you swallow something sharp and dangerous like a razor blade. Instead, try contacting Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 or visit their website at for guidance if needed before seeking medical attention (note: if someone else has swallowed the object then it may be more urgent).

Some people who accidentally swallow sharp objects will still be fine after 24 hours without seeing their doctor; others might develop complications such as infection later on in life (e coli bacteria in feces could cause an infection after ingestion). You should also consult with your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as these factors can affect how long it takes an object ingested by accident to pass through your digestive tract without causing damage along the way


The takeaways from this article are:

  • Don't swallow. This can cause injury to the lining of your stomach or esophagus.

  • Don't panic. A razor under tongue is not going to kill you unless it gets really bad, but it's always good to be cautious and seek medical attention if needed.

  • Don't rush off to the hospital without checking with your doctor first! If you have any questions or concerns, they will be able to address them immediately while they have time to look at each individual case in more detail than your general practitioner would have time for.


We hope this guide has been useful in helping you hide your razor under your tongue. You may have noticed that there are many different ways to do this and some work better than others. But, as long as you follow our instructions closely and make sure not to swallow any blood (or other bodily fluids), then you should be able to get away with it for a long time!