Luvi Silverberg
October 25, 2022

How to Get a Halo in Royale High 2022


In Royale High, there are many ways to get a halo. One way is to be nice to people and do good deeds. Another way is to give 20 diamonds to the goddess. A third way is wear your princess outfit and use your level 100 wand to cast a spell on her.

give 20 diamonds to the goddess

In order to get the halo, you'll have to give 20 diamonds to the goddess. To do this, you'll need to complete some tasks first.

How do I get diamonds?

The easiest way is by completing quests and picking up loot, but there are other ways too! You could buy them with real money or trade in-game items for them.

Where can I wear my princess outfit?

You can find your princess outfit at Burlesque Boutique in Old Hollywood (it costs 300 gems). Once you're wearing it, step outside and look up—you'll see a purple beam of light coming from the sky! That's where you need to go next.

How do I use my level 100 wand?

You should have found it in the depths of Roy Castle during one of your earlier adventures; if not, try looking around Royal High School or The Shadowlands for another one! Once equipped with your level 100 wand, open up your map and select New York City as your destination—the place where all roads lead... including this one!

wear your princess outfit

You can get the princess outfit from the shop, from the goddess or even from your friends. You can also get a level 100 wand from the shop, or you can get one from your friend.

use your level 100 wand to cast a spell on the goddess

To get a halo in Royale High 2022, you need to be level 100. You can do this by giving 20 diamonds to the goddess at the top of the game screen. When you're level 100, use your wand to cast a spell on the goddess.

be nice and you'll get rewarded

  • Be nice and you'll get rewarded.

  • Don't be mean to anyone.

  • Don't be rude to anyone.

  • Don't bully people at school or online, this includes cyberbullying (you can report it by going to the Principal's office or using the 'report' button on Royal High 2022).

  • Don't be selfish, think about others before yourself and help them out whenever you can! If someone needs help then offer some assistance as a friend would do for another friend in need! It doesn’t have to cost anything either – just lending an ear is enough sometimes!

Don’t forget that you are part of a community and should act accordingly. You don’t have to be popular or liked by everyone, but if someone is being mean to you then try not to get upset about it! If you do get upset then use your words wisely – don't let anger cloud your judgement as this can lead to more problems down the line.


So there you have it, the best way to get a halo in Royale High 2022! Hopefully this guide helped you out and now that you know how to get one yourself, go forth and claim your reward!